Services offered by Ace Home Healthcare

Our staff of Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses are highly educated and trained to provide the care our patients need. Our Nurses will ensure you get the care you need including but not limited to: Wound Care, IV Therapy, Catheter Care, Drainage Tube Care, Pain Management, Diabetic Management, tube feed, and medication management. Ace provides patients with access to an on-call 24/7 Registered Nurse. 
Our team of highly trained Certified Nursing Assistants are here to help provide the personal care our patients need. Our CNA’s provide services including but not limited to: Personal Hygiene (showers, grooming, etc), Companionship, Meal preparation, Help with daily activities, and some light housekeeping.
Physical Therapy
Our skilled Physical Therapists will help our patients in their home with their PT. Services included but not limited to: PT Evaluations, Therapeutic Exercise, Patient/Family education, Prosthetic Training, Care management and Post-op services.
Occupational Therapy
Our highly educated Occupational Therapists are here to help assist our patients with daily activities within their own homes. Services include but not limited to: ADL Training, Perceptual Motor Training, Fine Motor Coordination, Re-training of Cognitive functions, Activities of Daily Living Training and Perceptual Skills.
Speech Therapy
Our extensively trained Speech Therapist are here to help out patients with In-Home Therapy. Services include but not limited to: Voice Disorders, Dysphagia Treatments, Non-Oral Communication, and Alaryngeal Speech Skills.
Medical Social Worker
Our Medical Social Workers are here to provide counseling to help deal with emotional and social factors related to an illness. Those services include but not limited to: Counseling, Identify Eligibility for Services & Benefits, Nursing Home Arrangements, Financial Resources.
Wound Care Expertise
Our nurses are Nationally Wound Care Certified, with on-going training and continuing education to stay up-to-date. They provide comprehensive evaluation and wound care recommendations to our patients. They also provide communication to the clinic and patient, as well as teach and train the patients primary caregiver.
IV Care Expertise
Our staff is trained in PICC Lines, Central IV Lines, and IV Ports. Our staff will do the lab work, as well as coordinate with the Infectious Disease Clinics and Infusion Pharmacies.

Ace Home Healthcare is closely following CDC and local health department guidelines and recommendations for COVID-19. Please follow these links for more information:

Colorado Health Department CDC